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Telestack TS 850 for Bunbury Port Operations

Finlay Telematics

In October this year OPS Customer Qube Ports and Bulk commenced Ship loading operations with the Telestack TS 850 Unit.

The unit was brought in to load Mineral sands onto vessels at Bunbury Port Operations. The load out rate of the unit is up to 800 TPH. The loading takes place as a continuous operation over a period of around 40 hours.

The ship is loaded by use of a remote control which is held by an Operator who is strategically placed on the vessel with a good view of the hatch. The operator can luff, extend, retract and radial the conveyor to ensure hatch capacity is maximized and trimmed off to the Ship Captains Instructions.

Once the operation is completed the TS 850 can be tracked off the wharf by use of its self propelled tracks. The unit is removed off the wharf to allow alternative operations to continue until such time that it is required to load another ship.

Terex Finlay Introduces T-Link Telematic System

Finlay Telematics

Terex Finlay has introduced its T-Link remote monitoring and fleet management telematics system to its range of mobile crushers. All Terex Finlay crushers manufactured and shipped from January 1st, 2016 are equipped and fitted as standard with the T-Link system complete with a three data subscription.

About T-Link
T-Link enables owners remotely manage and stay connected to, keep track of their equipment, monitor work progress, manage logistics, access critical machine information, analyse and optimise machine performance and perform remote operator support.
T-Link combines Terex Finlay machines' inbuilt CANbus control system with on-board sensors and electronics with satellite positioning and telematics software. Data collected via the system can be accessed securely over the internet via an online portal that has 24/7 365 days accessibility. Owners are issued with a login and password that gives them immediate accessibility to access their machine data via the portal from any internet-enabled computer of mobile device.

Enhanced Machine Uptime
T-Link provides accurate diagnostics and working records in near real time of machine operational performance and assists in monitoring the health of equipment and schedule preventative maintenance. The information and reports that can be downloaded include:

Enhanced Security and Visibility

T-Link gives full visibility of the physical location of your machine in near real time and enables operators to define control parameters and measures of  operational use of equipment. If there is any violation of these defined parameters the system connects immediately with authorized and nominated company representatives via email.

Geofences, or a virtual perimeter can be placed around the location where equipment is working. If the machine crosses the geo-fence the system triggers an alert notification.  T-link also enables owners to place Time-Fence, time-based rules, of when machines should be operational.

If the machine is operated outside of defined work zones and time frames T-Link will not shut down the machine, but will trigger an alert notifying of any violations.

Enhanced Fleet Management and Performance

T-Link enables operators to accurately monitor and analyze plant fuel consumption (eg. fuel level and daily production costs) to enable operators to lower their operational energy costs.

The T-link system also provides access to service codes from a central location. This capability permits operators to implement performance enhancement adjustments to their equipment or upskill operators to improve efficiency and productivity.

How the T-Link Telematics system works?

The Terex Finlay T-Link system enables owner operators to maximise their business efficiency and capacity by increasing plant utilisation, planning efficient routing and job allocation, timesheet reporting, accurately monitor equipment fuel burn, preventative and maintenance management, operator behaviour and reduce plant idling.


Screening & Crushing Equipment

Choosing the right piece of screening, crushing and materials handing equipment is essential in the mining and construction industry – however, before deciding on what machinery to use, many are confronted by the age old question of hiring versus buying

Depending on the nature of your business, the contract at hand and the machinery required to complete the job, there a specific benefits that come with both hiring and buying equipment, which should be carefully contemplated before you start work.


Hiring your machinery is obviously a great way to avoid large capital expenditure on purchasing, and depending on your business, it can often be the more affordable option.

For example, if you have short-term contracts, or jobs that require specific machinery to only be used occasionally, it makes much more sense to hire machinery as you need it – saving on storage cost, and transportation for remote jobs.

Hiring is also a great way to be able to always have the latest machinery at your disposal, without having to invest in constantly upgrading new machines.


Considering hiring…?

OPS Group are one of Australia’s leading hire companies for quality track mounted mobile screening, crushing and stockpiling equipment to the construction, mining and quarry industries. We offer a complete range of Terex Finlay machinery for short and long-term hire at highly competitive rates.

With branches in Perth, Darwin and Adelaide, contact OPS for cost effective solutions for projects in all different locations, with 24/7 parts, service and technical support across our Terex Findlay, Telestack, Anaconda, Metso, Sandvik, Powerscreen and Pegso hire equipment.


Despite the initial investment, buying equipment outright can actually be a more affordable solution – depending on the nature of your business.

In comparison to a long-term rental agreement, buying a machine can prove less expensive in the long run, and gives you greater control over when, where and how you use your own machinery. It also means you have an asset to sell or trade when you’re ready to upgrade.


If buying seems more appropriate for your business, OPS has a range of new screening, crushing, stockpiling and other materials handling equipment to benefit mining, construction and quarry industries right around Australia.  

Our new Machine stock includes:

As well as an extensive second hand/used equipment catalogue, consisting of ex hire fleet, ex demo, or customer trade-ins, all ready for sale.

If you have any questions about hiring or buying any of our equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at OPS  - industry leaders in Screening and Crushing Equipment, with offices Perth, Darwin & Adelaide

The eagerly anticipated launch of the Aggresand™ brought to you in WA and NT Exclusively by OPS

TWS Aggresand

The main objective of Terex Washing Systems in developing the Aggresand™ plant was to meet the needs of customers for a modular system that can efficiently wash and produce multiple aggregates and sands within one machine. The Aggresand™ plant’s design achieves this by providing a throughput capacity of 250 TPH as well as having quick set-up time allowing the plant to be erected in one day. Quick set up time is also achieved through essential ‘plug and play’ plumbing/pipework and electrical wiring, compared to traditional methods where this work is carried out onsite after installation

The Aggresand™ plant has the capability to give 3 aggregate materials and 2 sand sizes. Reject material from the live head is stockpiled and later crushed when accumulated into stockpiles, then crushed into material via a Terex Finlay Crusher. On the bottom deck the product is delivered by the feeder belt to a 1000mm wide electrically driven inclined feed belt. This wide conveyor is fitted with an integral wash box to pre-soak the material and delivers the material to the full width of the screen thus utilizing the full screening area. The 16’x5’ (4.9m x 1.5m) three deck screen is electrically driven producing an aggressive 6mm throw and is fitted with eight individually controlled spray bars on each deck. The sized and rinsed aggregates produced by the screen are stock piled on three integral 9m stockpilers. The dual sand plant includes two rubber lined centrifugal pumps and two heavy duty rubber lined cyclones which remove silt (<75 micron). The silt-free sand is delivered to a split 12x5 screen to produce two grades of dewatered (12% moisture) silt-free sand. The sand stockpilers are radial powered through electrical wheel drives and have an impressive stockpiling capacity of 350m3.

The Aggresand™ plant is designed to serve a variety of customers with different demands and needs and will continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. This machine is the first in a line of planned modular plants to be released over the coming 24 months that will quite simply change the very nature of how aggregates and minerals are washed and managed throughout the world.

For more information on this unit please use the contact page to get in touch.

Telestack Mobile Bulk Material Handling


OPS are extremely pleased and excited to announce that the OPS Group has been awarded the exclusive distribution rights for the Telestack Mobile Bulk Material Handling range of products throughout WA, NT & SA.

Telestack Materials Handling Systems are manufactured to the highest standards of excellence, combining strength and high quality componentry. The success of the Telestack range derives from achieving sustainable value for the client, using mobile bulk handling technology to enhance operational efficiency, minimising environmental impact and maximising product flexibility, serviceability and availability. The Telestack range of products offers significant operating cost savings compared to traditional methods of material handling (wheel loaders, haul trucks, static conveyors), as well as providing environmental, health and safety and other benefits.

Telestack offers a range of mobile bulk material handling solutions which are in operation across the globe, handling materials such as coal, iron ore, aggregates, fertilizer, grain etc in mines, ports, quarries, power plants, steel mills and cement kilns.

Now, the quality of this range comes with service!

OPS boast 25 years of standard-setting experience to the materials processing and handling industries. Our dedicated team of experienced, customer focused industry professionals pride themselves in providing the optimum solution to your project needs and requirements. We know the true cost of down time, so we have the people, product, support and service to ensure your job gets done right, first time, on time!

To discuss your project requirements or to find out more about this exciting range, contact us today.